Polycarbonate Sheets & Films
General Purpose Sheets
Hydex® 4320 20% Glass Filled 
Lexan® 9034
Lexan® MR10
Lexan® XL10
Mechanical Grade
Abrasion Resistant
PC- 300™ Antistatic ESD
Polycarbonate Mirrors
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Polycarbonate Sheets & Films - Lexan, Makrolon, Tuffak, Hydex & Zelux


Polycarbonate Sheets & Film:

  • Impact Resistance & UV Resistance

  • Great Impact Strength, Virtually Unbreakable

  • Easily Drilled, Machined and Fabricated

  • Over 90% Clarity compared to Glass

  • Over 200 Times stronger than Glass

  • Over 20 Times stronger than Acrylic

  • Thermoformable

  • Cold Formable

  • Low Moisture Absorption

  • Shatter Proof

  • Glass Filled and Abrasion Resistant Grades 

  • ESD Antistatic Grades

  • High Dielectric and Resistivity Values

  • Accepts Bonding with Standard Solvents and Adhesives

  • Lexan® Sheets

  • Makrolon® Sheets

  • Hydex® Sheets

  • Zelux® Sheets

  • Tuffak® Sheets

Lexan Sheets Makrolon Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate U Channels  Polycarbonate Machine Screws  Polycarbonate Tubing

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